Like all charities, we need financial support to achieve our goals.

If you’re inspired by our mission and would like to donate to Plan B, please donate online here.  No matter how small, every part of your donation is very gratefully received and makes a real difference.

Sponsor a project

If you would like to sponsor a project directly please get in touch with us to find out how.  

Corporate donations

By making a donation to Plan B, your business is making a positive and direct impact on people’s lives – whether this is through education, awareness or technology, you know that you are helping to prevent accidents and save lives.  You can partner with Plan B for a special event you have planned or by nominating us as your charity of the year. We can provide you with demo safety information and support, help you to organise fundraising events and share your business with our social media followers helping you to reach a wider audience.

Share the word

Raising awareness here is key to helping change public behaviour and attitudes.  You might engage in a simple chat with friends and family about Plan B or mention it to colleagues.  A share on your social media page can end up reaching an audience of hundreds or thousands. Alternatively you might be affiliated with a local youth group or sporting club and wish to educate your members on best practice and correct procedures.  We can help you organise a talk and send you information so you can share the correct knowledge far and wide.

Buy a PLB

One of the single most pieces of equipment you or your loved one can own when they are out adventuring is a PLB – you can purchase these through our online store and this ensures that you are helping to support the charity as well as getting a quality product for a reduced price.  Read more about PLBs here.

Take part in a fundraising event

Plan B is helping to save the lives of people who are involved in outdoor adventures.  By the very nature of this, it lends itself brilliantly to crazy people who would like to challenge themselves in the name of a good cause.  We would love you to get in touch if you would like to fundraise for Plan B through a variety of different avenues. We have had several people getting sponsored to climb mountains, take part in endurance races and by raising money through simple cake sales, See our Fundraising Heroes page for inspiration or get in touch with us for other ideas.

Volunteer for Plan B

Your skills and time are two of the most important things you can donate to Plan B.  We are always looking for people to help us realise our goals and this can be something as straightforward as being a Plan B rep in your local sporting club to offering your business skills or contacts.  We have lots of ideas on how you can volunteer with us – please get in touch so we can find out how best to work together.

Other ways

Organise a demo or talk with your local club or group

Share the message on social media

Take part in a fundraising event

Volunteer your skills or time

Help raise awareness – talk to people you meet

Share this knowledge with your friends and family

Buy your loved one a PLB – the single most important bit of kit they can have