Look it up – Your adventure – your knowledge.

Doing your own ongoing research into your outdoor activity means you can get all the knowledge, advice and support you need before you go. Research can be done online, by reading books, by visiting and talking to retailers who sell the right gear, finding your nearest club and talking to others in the sport. 

Level up – Your adventure – your skills.

In the same way as you wouldn’t drive a car until you had lessons, by getting the necessary skills you need to adventure safely you are learning your chosen sport in a controlled and safe manner to give yourself the confidence and skills to have fun without putting yourself and others at risk. You can join a local club, take a course of lessons and practice your knowledge at home ie map reading, first aid etc. 

Gear up – Your adventure – your gear.

You need to make sure your gear is sufficient not only to keep you safe and having fun whilst you are on your adventure, but also to keep you alive should things go wrong. Having the right gear is essential to enjoying your sport – it needs to be in good working order and should be checked, replaced if necessary and repacked before every trip. 

Photo Credit: Northwest Explorer

Buddy up – Your adventure – your mates.

Going with someone has many benefits – shared enjoyment, shared experiences, shared knowledge, shared gear and shared safety. If something goes wrong, you can rely on each other to do your very best to get out of trouble. It makes sense if you are new to the sport to go with someone more experienced. 

Join up – Your adventure – your club.

A local club will exist for nearly all adventure sports and they will have all the local knowledge about your chosen activity in the area specific to you. They may run courses, have regular session times, organise social events to meet those more experienced than you, run competitions or league tables, offer discounts for members and plan trips away. They are a great source of friendship and fun and should be inclusive and supportive. 

Call up – Your adventure – your responsibility.

You owe it to yourself, your family and friends and to the emergency services to log in and out. Where are you going, what is your route, how long do you think you will be, who are you going with, what happens if you are not back before… These are all questions you need to be asking yourself and before you go you need to make sure you ring and tell someone either a family member or good friend your plans. You can also use our Plan B app which streamlines the whole logging in and out process and provides a clear link between you, your family and friends and the emergency services should things go wrong. 

Live it up – Your adventure – your life.

​The goal is to get out there and have fun to challenge yourself and spend time with your mates in the wild. Having a Plan B gives you the greatest chance to keep coming back for more. It is more than just you out there risking it all for the next thrill. Respect your own life and those of your family, friends and the emergency services. Make a Plan B. It could save your life.