Plan B is a national charity which aims to raise awareness, provide education and promote technology to improve safety planning in outdoor activities.

Plan B projects target safety planning issues in outdoor activities including correct procedures and best practice, being prepared, campaigning for changes to existing legislation and educating members of the public. We aim to improve current safety practices by changing government policies, public attitudes and behaviour to save lives.

The charity’s objectives are

1. For the public benefit, the advancement of education and awareness in the subject of safety planning within outdoor activities.

2. For the public benefit to preserve and protect human life, in particular but not exclusively, by providing equipment, training, technology and other resources for public use and which support the police and rescue services.

We believe that current government legislation is not in line with other countries standards and we aim to change policies to save lives.  There needs to be a greater awareness amongst the general public of safety planning in adventurous activities and this will be achieved by further education and awareness campaigns.  

We aim to achieve this by:

Raising awareness of safety measures within adventure sports.

Promoting the use of correct procedures to follow when logging in and logging out of an adventure activity.

Providing a website framework for  sport clubs and groups to share their relevant information in a clear and easy way.

Providing easy access for adventure sports clubs and groups or individuals to hire PLBs at low cost or free for short term use.

Providing grants for small organisations, clubs, groups etc to purchase PLBs

Educating people in the correct procedures to follow to ensure they are safe on their adventures.

Influencing government on key safety issues within outdoor activities.